Small Class Sizes

The Galloway School is Committed to Small Class Sizes


One of Galloway’s unique differences is evident in our commitment to keeping our classes small. The majority of research conducted on the topic of class size as it relates to student achievement will support class size reductions. Based on research conducted by the Center for Public Education, class size can make a critical difference in student performance. A few points made in this research were:

The Galloway School Board of Trustees has passed a policy to maintain our small class enrollments as follows:

Visit a classroom in any public or private school. Take note of the quality of the student-teacher interaction and the number of students in the class. The Galloway School will never sacrifice quality instruction by enlarging our class sizes. Class size should be a key factor in choosing the best school for your child.

We invite you to come take a look inside our classrooms. The difference is obvious and the advantage is significant!





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