Digital Learning
Developing Advanced Technology Skills for the 21st Century

The Galloway School is leading the way in 21st century technology with the latest Promethean interactive board models in every classroom. These interactive whiteboards connect to a computer. Through this cutting-edge technology, students are able to have a hands-on experience and personal involvement in their learning. Galloway chose the Promethean interactive board product because they were designed for education. The software that comes with Promethean interactive boards has all the tools necessary to build technology-rich lessons and interactive games. Teachers also have access to a collaboration website called, Promethean Planet, that contains hundreds of lessons for every subject area and grade level. There are several advantages to having an interactive whiteboard in the classroom. They can display basically any type of learning tool imaginable. The students are then able to use these learning tools to get up out of their seats and learn rather than sitting and listening to the teacher. Promethean boards are a great addition to a classroom because they can be used for all grade levels and for multiple subject areas.

Read how Promethean boards are changing the future of education.

In addition to classroom interactive whiteboards, all students at Galloway are required to bring their own digital learning device to school for assigned digital learning activities. This is known today as B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device). Students in PK3 – Kindergarten bring Ipads for their device. Beginning in the first grade, students may bring tablets, laptops or IPad if they also purchase a keyboard. The Apple IPad and Windows desktop computers are used for instruction. There are advantages to both platforms and we take advantage of the unique functionality of both. Galloway teachers have access to our campus subscription of Discovery Education’s streaming video collection that offers instant access to hundreds of videos, video clips, graphic arts, music, and virtual field trips, as well as other popular web-based subscriptions (BrainPop, Spelling City, ixl math, A-Z Reading, Writing, and Science, and Stemscopes, to name a few).

New for the 2015-2016 school year is the addition of an Instructional Technology Specialist who will teach Advanced Computer Applications, a required course for students in grades 5 and above. Our current computer lab is undergoing a 21st century makeover to provide opportunities for students to work in collaborative structures using web 2.0 tools for group projects.

While talk abounds relating to phasing out computer labs in colleges and K-12 schools, The Galloway School believes there is still a critical need to have a technology lab where students are taught the various tools technology offers to learn, collaborate, communicate and create. Whether students use their own device or a computer lab device, the instructional space will be redesigned to reflect the global workplace environments. Our students will be tech savvy, career and college ready!

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