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More Than Just Music!

Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. A music-rich experience  of singing, listening, exploring various instruments and moving benefits students as they progress into more formal learning.  

Music learning supports all learning. When you look at children ages two to nine, one of the major benefits of music education is its crucial role in language development. Children who grow up in a musically rich environment are often ahead in the area of language development. Formal music education in the school setting gives all students exposure to the wonders of music and strengthens brain development and function.  Recent studies have clearly indicated that musical training physically develops the part of the left side of the brain known to be involved with processing language, and can actually wire the brain’s circuits in specific ways. Linking familiar songs to new information can also help imprint that information on young minds.


Elementary Music Program [PreK-3 - 2nd Grade]

The goal of the Elementary Music Curriculum is to present a sequential program of music
lessons designed to develop music knowledge and skill, the appreciation and joy of
music making, an understanding of culture and fine arts from a variety of periods and peoples; and skill and independence in performing, reading, writing and creating music.

 This goal will be achieved as the students:

  1. Build a repertoire of songs, rhymes, singing games, and dances from a variety of cultures.
  2. Understand musical concepts.
  3. Achieve mastery of musical skills.
  4. Perform, analyze and listen to great art music.
  5. Create, improvise, and compose original compositions.

While public performance is not the primary focus of The Galloway School Music program, it is recognized that student performances are an appropriate outcome.  Grade levels will practice performance songs in class and audition for solos to showcase vocal achievements in music education. The annual winter and spring concerts are two of the many Galloway highlights within our school community.

Upper Elementary Music Program [3rd-6th Grade]

The Upper Elementary Music Curriculum builds upon the Lower School Program with an emphasis on music theory, notation, vocal technique, and showmanship. Students further develop their confidence in public performances as they demonstrate more advanced musical skills and confidence in their individual talents. Students receive music instruction twice weekly. The annual winter and  spring musicals are the culminating events in Upper Elementary School Music.

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