S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

The Galloway School is pleased to have Diane Kane, Ph.D as the Director of our STEM Lab. Dr Kane has earned a Master's Degree in Early Childhood Special Education and a Ph.D in Human Development.

Diane Kane, PhD

"My research interest is how young children (before they write and read) become problem solvers and manipulate abstract concepts on their own. I found that "thinking like a scientist" relies more on creativity than on IQ. It means widening the response repertoire, rather than looking for a correct answer. Imagine the thrill of getting to put this best practice into the Galloway STEM lab and knowing the kind of successes that are in store for our students."

Career Highlights

What is G-STEM?

G-STEM is the Galloway School's unique STEM education model. Whereas many schools begin STEM education in Middle School, The Galloway School introduces our students to STEM beginning in PK-3. We are dedicated to preparing students for 21st Century workplace careers by providing high quality educational opportunities in STEM fields. STEM represents the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM education encourages a curriculum that is driven by problem solving, discovery, exploratory learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions. The saturation of technology in most fields means that all students – not just those who plan to pursue a STEM profession – will require a solid foundation in STEM to be productive members of the workforce. G-STEM provides a unique advantage through early exposure, frequency, and building confidence and competence.

STEM Labs offer an environment where students can conduct experiments and simulations in a controlled environment.  STEM labs are designed to provide technology education at its best by supporting academic competence -- first in Science and Mathematics, which leads to applications in Engineering.

The strength of G-STEM lies in our philosophy of thinking like a scientist and working like an engineer. We do this by providing laboratory instruction, hands-on classroom experiences and investigations, and multimedia resources within a managed learning environment. Within the laboratory, students are learning workplace skills such as problem solving, teamwork, and communication skills.

Utilizing next generation science standards as a blueprint, students are encouraged to make connections across all science disciplines. G-STEM's study of scientists at work helps students understand that science is a human endeavor, and we are all scientists.

All students K through 6th grade attend the G-STEM Lab twice per week and Preschool students attend once a week. STEMscopes, a product of Rice University and Accelerated Learning, Inc. is the official curriculum for G-STEM.

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