The Galloway School Strategic Plan

College Prep. Life Ready!

In a short and simple phrase, The Galloway School is committed to a first-rate 21st century college and career ready preparatory education designed to take students anywhere!

This commitment begins at the top with our newly appointed members of The Galloway School Board of Trustees, supporting the vision of James and Marie Galloway. This Board has vision, integrity, transparency, and is totally committed to leveraging and extending their time, skills, and interests far beyond the monthly Board meetings. A group of professionals, business men and women, educators, parents, community leaders, invested in leading The Galloway School to endless possibilities!

With the opening of a new chapter in the history of our school, we are launching a new strategic vision that refines and builds upon the previous 5-Year Plan developed in 2011. This new strategic plan, “Developing 21st Century Learners”, represents our school’s bold mission to become the school well-know for innovation, quality instruction, and high standards of achievement.

Building on Galloway’s previous success, we are committed to exploring endless possibilities to achieve amazing results!

Galloway’s new vision plan, “Developing 21st Century Learners”, will set the course for a sustainable middle school program by 2016.

“Failure Is Not An Option!” Our middle school program must reach a sustained enrollment of 15-20 students returning after the 5th grade. We must stop the current trend of a “Mass Exodus” after the 5th grade year because our middle school programs are not perceived lacking rigor, opportunity, or innovation. We must set a firm goal of retaining 15-20 students in 7th and 8th grades to even consider being competitive in the middle school market. Our current instructional model must be authentic, “One-of-a-Kind!”

Exemplary Independent Schools do (5) Things Well.

They find a way to….
  1. Hire well qualified teachers and administrators
  2. Change the school culture from fragmentation, isolation, and skepticism to one of respect, trust, collaboration, and build a community of servant leaders.
  3. Inspire parents to become engaged participants in the school’s new vision!
  4. Cultivate a “marketing and philanthropic” mindset throughout the school community (We all must market our school and contribute our “fair share.”)
  5. Dare to be different! Be what others are not. Offer something special!

In order to hire and retain qualified faculty and staff members in this highly competitive market, Galloway will maintain competitive salaries and develop a strategic professional development plan tightly aligned to 21st Century Learning.

We will continue to nurture the sense of community at Galloway by providing year-round campus offerings that support our students and families and include current parent education programs.

As our facilities play an important role in creating an atmosphere conducive to 21st century learning, the school will evaluate the most recent facilities plan to determine the effectiveness of our current facilities usage.

A trifold combination of inbound, outbound, and word-of-mouth marketing emphasizing (inbound) will help the school increase our geographic base of families and effectively and systematically promote the Galloway advantage.

In order to ensure our financial sustainability to support this bold, new direction, we will launch a well-designed, Annual Fund Campaign, Business Partnerships, Matching Grants, Stronger Financial Aid Program, and a Renewed Commitment and Partnership with the Galloway Foundation.


In order to prepare a generation of students to thrive in the 21st Century global community, The Galloway School will offer a dynamic curriculum that is cutting-edge, yet grounded in sound educational research, theory, and best practices.

We will cultivate our students to innate curiosity by nurturing divergent intelligences and by providing a safe environment for the exchange of complex ideas. This strategic direction will enhance our reputation as a premier, highly competitive, co-educational preschool through high school.


  1. Prepare students for their future in the 21st century by further strengthening our dynamic curriculum
  2. Support the school’s mission by assessing and developing an effective leadership structure to lead this new vision.
  1. Secure qualified professionals who contribute to our vibrant community through their innovative, energetic, and inspirational work
  2. Meet the needs of students by ensuring a purposefully inclusive community that provides a balanced quality of life
  1. Design and implement a physical facilities plan that captures the vision and spirit of Galloway in the 21st century.
  2. Promote the school’s unique identity to the Galloway community and beyond.
  3. Ensure financial sustainability, competitiveness, and availability of a Galloway education by building a sustainable endowment and strong reserves.
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