The Galloway Advantage


The vision of The Galloway School is “to prepare our students to become first class citizens with a world class education.” Our children will not just be competing with classmates and students in their communities for the jobs of the 21st century, but will be competing with students from around the world for the great jobs of the future. Therefore, we must expand our horizon and prepare our students with the best skills and for the best colleges and universities in the world. With the Rigor/Relevance/Relationships Framework, our educational leaders have demonstrated some of the highest performance results in the nation in regard to preparing students to become academically competitive.

Academics is not the only thing the students participate in; athletics and other fun enrichments are offered, such as the arts, foreign language, and technology.

The vision of excellence for academic success, physical fitness and character education is fundamental to developing our students to become successful members of our society. We believe that The Galloway School has many advantages not offered in most of the public and private schools. With these advantages, Galloway students will become leaders, peacemakers, and problem-solvers. Our students will be prepared to explore a world of possibilities equipped with the confidence, knowledge, skills, and tenacity required in a dynamically changing environment.

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