Digital Learning

Developing Advanced Technology Skills for the 21st Century

The Galloway School is leading the way in technology integration with a rigorous and cutting-edge B.Y.O.D. – “Bring Your Own Device” school-wide initiative!

The Galloway technology model is “One-of-a-Kind” in that ALL of our students, PreK-3 and up, bring their own iPads or tablets & laptops to school to learn and apply technology tools, explore educational sites, participate in online learning and assessments, research, expand learning through grade appropriate, teacher-approved apps, and complete online assignments through digital textbook subscriptions tied to academic content areas.

In addition to school-wide technology integration via personal student devices, classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and document cameras for engaging, interactive lessons. Teachers use both Apple iPads and PC laptops in lesson design and delivery.

The S.T.E.M. Lab has state-of-the art technology equipment to provide students instant connectivity to schools throughout the world who participate in the IPC (International Primary School) and IPC (International Middle Years Curriculum) as well as S.T.E.M. centers throughout the US. The Galloway School has many advantages, and a world-class technology-rich learning environment is one BIG advantage!