Physical Education

Galloway Fit

Physical Education and Health

The Galloway School prides itself with a focused, challenging and fun Physical Education Program! Our program is designed to challenge the most athletic students while taking every level of fitness to an improved training level. We incorporate fitness and fun with basic skills that enable every child to work toward an advanced goal. Our P.E. program includes sports, fitness training, endurance and strength for every age group including exciting games and strategy techniques. Our P.E. program quickly becomes your child’s favorite class.


The Galloway School provides a comprehensive Health curriculum that introduces, instructs, and improves a child’s mind and body well-being. Our health curriculum focuses on the whole child’s path toward a lifetime of healthy choices. Our main focus of health is to teach good habits that become second nature to every child. We include fun games that promote learning and understanding. Our goal is to educate and enhance every child’s healthy path!