S.A.G.E. Studies in Advanced Globalization

All core academic classes are enriched with the integration of the IPC (International Primary Curriculum). Within this global education curriculum, students have an opportunity to explore the concepts taught in core and non-core areas through connecting with other IPC classrooms throughout the globe.

The IPC is an engaging, rigorous, thematic project-based curriculum that focuses on essential and transformational knowledge and on the development of subject skills. These are achieved using clear learning goals for all subject, personal and international learning.

The IPC also focuses on the slow, steady progress towards deeper understanding. The conceptual theme (the big idea) provides a context to the subject learning which helps students to develop their understanding of their learning. Journaling and the media project exit points provide time and place for students to crystallize their learning and to express their understanding of the big idea through a creative presentation.

The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) was developed in response to three key questions that serve as the basis for each global unit of instruction:

  • What kind of world will our children live and work in?
  • What kinds of children are likely to succeed in the world?
  • What kinds of learning will our children need and how should they learn it?

A “sage” is a wise person. Owls are symbolic of wisdom, therefore, it is fitting that the “owl” is The Galloway School mascot. Our S.A.G.E. Program will serve as the leading instructional model for 21st century education, and we pledge to keep our standards high with a curriculum that promotes advanced instruction at alllevels and across all subjects. The Galloway S.A.G.E. Program represents a one-of-a-kind, 21st century program that includes: