The limits of my language are the limits of my world.
‒Ludwig Wittgenstein

Only 18% of elementary students are enrolled in world language programs in Texas. The Galloway School offers a very strong world language program to all students in preschool – sixth grades. Studying foreign languages has been shown to have a positive effect on mental development, particularly in young people, and an enhanced overall intellectual growth. The goal of the program is to develop Spanish language proficiency and cultural knowledge and understanding through instruction primarily in Spanish.  Language learning at Galloway is meaningful, relevant and fun.


Students completing the K-6 Spanish program will be ready for Intermediate Spanish I or they may choose to apply their language skills to the learning of a new language starting in grade 7.  Our curriculum follows the language proficiency guidelines established by the ACTFL(American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages). Our students are expected to reach a Novice Mid-Range by 5th grade with at least 3 consistent years in the program. Intermediate Levels are expected to reach Novice-High in some areas of proficiency.