Hurricane Harvey – The Galloway School GoFundMe

Dear Parents and Staff Members,

As most of you know by now the damage to our much loved school is extensive. We are fortunate today to have had a lot of volunteers in to help begin the clean up operation but the journey to get the school back up and running again is going to be long and costly. A Go Fund Me site has been set up by some parents with the backing of myself and the school board, to raise funds to begin replacing some of what was lost. If you follow the link it gives details of the appeal and our fundraising target. I understand how much everyone is having to contend with at the moment but we would be enormously grateful if you could share this link via email and social media to your out of town friends and family (and if possible make it a public post so that they too can share it). We know how badly everyone has been affected locally so we really need the appeal to reach people outside our own area and with your help we could make it happen.

Thank you for your help in getting our school community back on it’s feet again.


Mrs. Williams