Dawn Gibler


Dawn Gibbler
4th Grade

I am a University of Houston graduate with a BS in Interdisciplinary Studies and a K-8 certification.   In 1993 I taught my first class in Pasadena ISD.  In 2000 I began teaching in Clear Creek ISD.  I primarily taught fifth grade and was able to “loop” with students a few times (teaching fourth and fifth grades consecutively to the same students).  2018-2019 will be my first year at The Galloway School.

Children are successful when they know they are valued, loved, and they understand their purpose.   I set the standards high for my students and believe these standards will be achieved because the students know that they have value and that they are loved.  I also require my students to set person goals that equate to life which gives purpose to their daily tasks.

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. I have a husband and five sons.  Our two youngest sons are now attending The Galloway School, and we are blessed to call Galloway our home!