Diane Kane, PhD

Diane Kane PHD

In my 38th year of teaching, I can truthfully say I am exactly where I want to be…in the STEMlab at the Galloway School teaching students of all ages how to “think like scientists and work like engineers”.     After graduating from TCU with a degree in Early Childhood Education, and then completing a Master’s Degree at Washington University where my research area was how very young children learn mathematical concepts. I returned to Texas to direct the Children’s Center for Texas Woman’s University while completing my Ph.D. in Human Development. I have been involved with the implementation of STEM lessons and the National Science Standards since 1998 so I feel lucky getting to use what I know is ‘best practice’ right here in Friendswood, Texas.

Why do I love teaching STEM? Galloway believes in Starting Early. I love young learners. Science starts with asking questions and a fearlessness to try new things. Who can do that better than a three or four year old?

Thinking is a process. All day I model the processes of questioning, measuring, observing, organizing. I personally like to investigate and create new things and I spend my days helping Galloway students do just that.

Everyday and Everywhere there is great joy in what I do. We have fun exploring the world together.

Meaningful work We ask big questions and brainstorm solutions. We celebrate the contributions of everyone in the group. I believe in the power of children to be problem-solvers. It makes me proud to see how serious they are about the work and much they care for each other.