Donald Murphy

Mr. Murphy
Physical Education

The year is 1975, some people are getting their disco on listening to the Bee Gees, while others are scared to swim at the beach because of “Jaws.” Thousands of U.S. soldiers are excited to return home from the Vietnam Conflict. What these soldiers don’t know is that something big has happened back home while they were gone, something that would change the lives of many many people. This thing was the birth of Donald Murphy, also known as Murph. Little did anyone know the impact that Murph would have on their lives.

Murph was born and raised in the suburbs of Houston. He was no ordinary boy though, he was a lot smaller than most boys his age, but 10 times as hyper. Murph remained the smallest kid in class all the ways through his time at Texas A&M University. As Murph grew older, he realized that children always seem to like him. It could be because he was the same size as them and thought he was a kid too.

In order to escape the stigma of being a man-boy, Murph thought that joining the U.S. Navy would make him a man’s man. Although he was an outstanding Naval Officer, Murph began to realize, that he missed interacting with children and that maybe working with children is what he was destined to do.

Murph completed his obligation to his country, married his college sweet heart and quickly enrolled in the first teacher certification program he could find. Murph graduated at the top of his class and began his journey into education.

While Murph has never been recognized for being an outstanding educator, in his 10 years in education. He is pretty confident in saying that he is the BEST male teacher at the Galloway School.