Jennifer Steadman


Hello! I am so excited to be teaching 3rd grade this year and look forward to meeting each and every student, whether it be in person or digitally. We have an amazing opportunity to evolve education and what better way than jumping in feet first!

This will be my 5th year at Galloway. I started as a substitute teacher, then last year I had the opportunity to be a long-term substitute for 4th grade ELA. It was such an amazing piece of my puzzle, as I discovered my love for being in the classroom day to day and working with each student. I believe every student has God given gifts and strengths. With proper guidance, encouragement, and love every student can tap into their full potential.

Within my classroom you will see students (and myself) practicing Growth Mindset. You might often hear our mantra, “It’s okay to not know but it’s NOT okay to not try.” You will also find I’m passionate about inclusivity. One of my top priorities is to include every student in ways they are comfortable with. My teaching responsibility is not limited to reading and writing, but also teaching students how to be mindful citizens.

I have been married for 16 years and have a daughter. We might live in the suburbs, but you wouldn’t know by the number of animals we have. We love to travel, especially to West Texas. I enjoy cooking, going to the movies, creative writing, and camping. My husband and I lived in Japan for 3 years, and it was by far one of the most memorable and educational experiences in my life.

I cannot wait to see what the 2020/2021 school year holds! If you ever need to contact me, please do not hesitate. My door is always open.