Upper School (3rd – 5th Grade)


As students move into the upper elementary grades, the curriculum is designed to develop student knowledge and research skills. Students engage in reading and writing for practice and mastery, develop critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making through authentic inquiry that challenges and differentiates learning.  Core subjects are taught within a workshop model using an advanced curriculum integrated with project-based G/T, IPC (The International Primary Curriculum) and ITSI (Innovative Technology in Science Inquiry) units.  STEM Lab offers students an environment where students can engage in discovery, exploratory learning, and student-centered development of ideas and solutions.


Enrichment and Extra-Curricular

Students receive enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities as we focus on helping our students become intelligent, passionate, and caring global citizens.  Performance, creative expression, public speaking, and physical development are encouraged as students engage in music, art, Spanish, and physical education.  In addition, students collaborate and support the local community through service learning projects.


Engaging learning opportunities outside of the classroom enhance community and global thinking through our cabin, garden, and field trips.  Students participate in week-long Knowledge Quests which supercharge the learning experience through: experiential learning, inquiry, collaboration, inter-dependency, authentic tasks and experiences, high-level of engagement, and advanced performance in the cognitive and effective learning domains.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Technology is integrated into our classroom as part of our 21st century learning.  Students are required daily to bring a laptop with word processing and PowerPoint capabilities.