🎓🦉Congratulations to our 5th graders who are soaring to new heights, ready to launch into the next chapter of their educational journey. We also graduated our kindergarten class, eager to start their adventure and continue the cherished Galloway owl tradition. #whygalloway
about 6 hours ago, Krystle Hosmer
I can't believe it is the last day of school! Thank you to The Galloway School community for making my first year here so memorable! Who's ready for August 13th? See you soon! #tgs2324 #greatdaytobeanOwl #onceanowlalwaysanOwl
about 7 hours ago, Todd Herauf
Happy Birthday to a precious 1st grade Owl @tgsfriendswood I love how she gets to celebrate by finishing school the same day! If you see her this summer wish her well! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
about 7 hours ago, Todd Herauf
Happy Birthday to sweet Camila in the @tgsfriendswood PS class! Can't wait to have her back next year! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
about 7 hours ago, Todd Herauf
Happy Birthday, Deva, and thanks for the cookies! Wishing you well on your special day! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates @tgsfriendswood
7 days ago, Todd Herauf
Happy birthday to @tgsfriendswood own legend, Zelda, in Kinder! A happy birthday high five is in order! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
9 days ago, Todd Herauf
🍎✨ The Galloway School is seeking a PreK teacher for the 2024-2025 school year! If you're ready to inspire young minds and make a difference, we want to hear from you! Send your cover letter and resume to Dr. Todd Herauf, Head of School, at therauf@gallowayschooltx.com.
9 days ago, Krystle Hosmer
🌟✨ Our Mother's Day teatime on Friday was a beautiful celebration of the amazing women who shine so bright in each of their children’s heart. The Galloway School appreciates your love, guidance, and endless support. 💖 #MothersDay #teatime #whygalloway
10 days ago, Krystle Hosmer
Tea Time
This sweet Owl celebrates his birthday tomorrow - but we couldn't wait to wish him a happy birthday! Enjoy your day, Wyatt! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
13 days ago, Todd Herauf
Many birthday blessings to Maya, a 5th grade Owl @tgsfriendswood! Give her a birthday fist bump when you see her! #tgs2324 #tgsfriendswood
13 days ago, Todd Herauf
Happy belated birthday to a @tgsfriendswood Owl and Board member's daughter, Arya! Enjoy your last two weeks here! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
13 days ago, Todd Herauf
It is Teacher Appreciation Week this week, and special shout out to Mr. Stott for taking this selfie with a prop! He is all that and a bag of chips! #tgs2324 #teacherappreciationweek2024
13 days ago, Todd Herauf
Three birthdays in one day @tgsfriendswood! Here's wishing Wyatt a very happy birthday! High five this Owl if you see him! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
24 days ago, Todd Herauf
Today is quite the day of birthdays @tgsfriendswood! Here's wishing Hudson a very happy birthday! Fist bumps for this Owl if you see him! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
24 days ago, Todd Herauf
Today is quite the day of birthdays! Here's wishing London a very happy birthday! High five this Owl if you see her! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates @tgsfriendswood
24 days ago, Todd Herauf
Guess what? Tomorrow is a birthday for @tgsfriendswood PK3 Jonas! Wish him well if you see him! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
27 days ago, Todd Herauf
Happy Birthday to PK4 Owl Sebastian today! This @tgsfriendswood friend brightens the hallway - give him a fist bump! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates
27 days ago, Todd Herauf
"📚✨ Enroll your little ones in our vibrant PK2, PK3, and PK4 programs! 🎨 From engaging activities to nurturing environments, we're committed to laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning and growth. Secure your child's spot today! #EarlyEducation #whygalloway
28 days ago, Krystle Hosmer
Happy birthday to an amazing 4th grade Owl, Emmary! She celebrated with cupcakes that looked amazing! Our HoS for the day wished her a happy birthday! #tgs2324 #tgscelebrates @tgsfriendswood
29 days ago, Todd Herauf
🌟 Calling all volunteers! 🌟 Whether you've been a room parent, lent a hand at our book fairs, fall festival, Gala, or any other event, we want to honor YOU! Join us for an event on Friday, May 17th, from 8-9am. Check your email for more details and RSVP. #whygalloway
29 days ago, Krystle Hosmer